3 Alternative Energy Sources To Follow

3 Alternative Energy Sources To Follow

 Here are three cool new developments for alternative energy:

1)      Hydroelectric Power & Tidal Turbines

Hydroelectricity has been around for quite some time; it’s probably best recognized by harnessing the power of rivers through turbines and dames, but in 2008 the first commercial tidal turbine went live in Northern Ireland.  

The next big step for hydroelectricity looks like a $7.5 million and 130 ton machine that will immediately generate 1 MW (energy to power 1,000 homes); it’s name: The AK-1000.

2)      Solar Thermal Power

Beyond traditional solar power, solar thermal power plants focus the sun’s energy using parabolic troughs to feed into a steam cycle around 700 ° F.  The steam powers turbine generators that can generate up to 250MW.  Using thermal storage technologies, energy can be stored and released on demand.  If you want to know more about Solar Thermal Energy, a leading US company Solar Trust of America is doing some incredible stuff.

3)      Algae-Based Fuels

The New York Times published a while back a blog article about a $52 million deal for just one San Francisco based company (Solazyme) to commercialize their algae-based fuel.  

Solazyme is also contracted to the US NAVY for 20,000 gallons of fuel for ships while creating and generating new jet fuel.  

The University of Tulsa also received $1 million in funding three years ago from San Diego-based Sapphire Energy Inc. along with a $750K federal grant for algae-based fuel research project focusing on energy for automobiles.

Most of these alternative forms of energy have been in development for some time now, but with increasing awareness from the rest of the world due to events like the Gulf Oil Spill we are seeing faster improvements toward a greener future.