4 Steps to Avoiding Green Scams

4 Steps to Avoiding Green Scams

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone was just honest and genuine all of the time?  Unfortunately for us all, we live in a society often driven by the wrong kind of green – money.  It can be difficult for the untrained person to NOT get caught up in scams claiming to be greener, safer, and organic.  Here are some hints and tips to keep you ahead of the curve.

Do Your Homework:

Did you know that consumer products in the United States need to register with the EPA?  This is a great stop for consumers to get the REAL facts about what is actually in the things that they keep around their life (food, cleaning products, etc.) – you should also steer clear of things that withhold that information.

Avoid Things:

There are some many things to avoid that listing them would take all day.  But, a good starting point would be to consider staying away from Petroleum Distillates like ethyl and methyl.  Petroleum Distillates are often used as “natural” products for kitchen cleaning – often as degreasing materials.

Don’t Believe Everything You Read:

Remember, companies are out there to make money and SELL you things.  There is no regulating process to determine what CAN and CAN’T be labeled green, and many of the mainstream options out there might only be a little more eco-friendly than their “regular” counterparts.  Ultimately, you need to take responsibility for finding the right options for you and actually reading what is in the things that you buy.

If It Sounds Too Smart Or Too Dumb It Might Not Be Green:

Just because something says that it is NEW & IMPROVED doesn’t always mean either is true.  Green Works® from Clorox claims to be 99% green – and honestly, the physical characteristics of its cleaning materials actually are derived from renewable resources, are biodegradable and the product is free of petrochemicals. 

Companies that use complex “scientific” names for their products are designed to confuse the average consumer with products nearly identical to regular non-green options.The key to being green in the marketplace is to be aware and be intelligent.  Don’t just be a consumer, be smart and succeed in being green.