5 Fast Ways To Clean Up Your Act And Start Limiting Your Water Use

5 Fast Ways To Clean Up Your Act And Start Limiting Your Water Use

Western culture uses too much water – it’s just that simple.  We take advantage of this resource and often take it for granted, but little things can go a long way – make some changes in your life and make the world a better place.

1) The average toilet flush usually consumes about 5 liters of water.  Here is a simple way to reduce this volume AND to do a little bit of recycling: Take an empty plastic bottle, fill it with water, seal it tightly, and leave it in the tank of your toilet; this will decrease the amount of water that fills in your tank and lower each flush.

2) You might have some leaks between the tank and the bowl – these slow and steady problems can be huge water wasters.  Check your toilet by placing some food coloring in the tank of the toilet after a few hours of not flushing check the bowl out; if the food coloring has seeped into the bowl then you know there is a leak somewhere.

3) There may be a leak or a drip somewhere else in your house.  Set aside a 2 hour block where there won’t be ANY water used.  Check your water meter at the beginning and end – if it isn’t exactly the same… then you might have a problem to find.

4) Sure, showers feel SO good sometimes, but did you know that even a four minute shower uses somewhere in the ballpark of 30 gallons of water?  Using a timer in the shower to limit the amount of time and water used can change your water bill and help the planet!

5) Relying on your garbage disposal unit at the kitchen sink is a fairly common thing in most households.  These units require water to work properly.  Instead of dumping so much food waste down the sink you should start a compost pile; now you’re saving water and preparing better options for your gardening endeavors for the future.