A key step in building the life you want

A key step in building the life you want

All through your life, you are encouraged to work hard, to strive for the next goal and never to be satisfied with what you have achieved. Often the goal doesn’t even seem very important. It’s just the next hurdle you have to jump in order to be recognized as a good worker.

Those who are referred to as high fliers are pushed even harder than the rest. They are expected to show more enthusiasm for their work and to accept long hours and tight schedules. All this so that they can move quickly up the corporate ladder and get the job with the large salary and even longer working week.

Other people push you and tell you what to do

If you follow their advice, then what you achieve may be a dreadful disappointment to you. Getting the high paying job with the long hours may not be what you really want. If you always assume that the important thing is to do the work and keep striving, then when you reach the goal youv’e been set, you may well wonder if it was all worth it.

It isn’t your goal, so you won’t really know why you’re struggling to reach it. All the effort you put in will seem as little reward when the goal achieved has no value for you. When you get there, you won’t see any real benefit to yourself. Choosing your own goals will have quite a different result for you. You will not mind working hard, or putting in extra hours if what you hope to achieve is something you believe in. You value the effort required because you value the end result you have produced.

What happens when you get there?

The outcome of achieving with no belief in the goal is nothing but puzzlement. What did you do it for? And, more to the point, has it given you a sense of satisfaction? If it’s just a step on the way to your next appointed goal, then you’ll still be on the treadmill with no sense of where you’re going.

The workplace is full of people asking you what your next goal is. People wanting to know how you plan to achieve the next task. Wanting to know how quickly you can fulfill your project objectives. 

Time spent on choosing is never wasted

It’s important to allow yourself time to look at what you are working on. Is it something you believe in? It is something you are prepared to work extra hard for? Is the goal really worthwhile?

Don’t let your life turn into a treadmill where the tasks you are told to complete are filling your time, but not giving you any satisfaction and sense of real achievement.