Jobs for humans (apply within)

Jobs for humans (apply within)

A lot of people are unhappy because they’re doing jobs that aren’t for humans.

Humans enjoy creating, they like variety, and they want to do stuff that makes a difference.

I worked in a warehouse this summer, putting stickers on boxes of fireworks. 8 hours a day – but I swear the clock stopped a few times.

Maybe 1% of people have careers they love.

Love what you do and do what you love

95% of these people are small business owners, entrepreneurs, or modern-day radicals. Instead of waiting for the perfect job, they made one.

The rest of the world works for other people, mostly mega corporations. These huge companies suck the life out of employees by paying them to do mindless, zombie work.

These jobs get old after a while – like 2 days.

But the paycheck keeps coming, so they keep showing up.

Here’s the catch: money only has value because we say it does – it’s all in our mind.

Time has intrinsic value; it’s the currency of life.

So we’re trading our precious time for jobs that suck and getting paid in imaginary money.

We’ve been duped.

We’ve equated work with misery for so long that it seems ok.

But it’s not.

You deserve a job that makes you come alive. Monday mornings should be exciting – like a kid getting ready for the weekend.

Yes, that much. I’m serious.

The thing is, we’re so used to doing drone work and trading our time for a paycheck, that we’ve forgotten how to create something of value.

Young kids know how to do this. They paint a picture and give it to their parents.

They know it has value because it’s unique and they’re the only one that can provide that service.

Could Mom and Dad find that same painting in a store? Of course not. The painting has value because you can’t find it anywhere else. (rightfully so, who would want the scribbles of someone else’s child?)

Stop working for the man; find something you enjoy doing that can add value to someone’s life.

Kevin Kelly says that you only need 1,000 true fans to earn a living from what you do.

That’s it.

Make yourself (or your service) valuable to 1,000 people and you’ll never dread another Monday morning.

Another thing: stop spending money at Wal-Mart. Nobody likes working there. Spend your money at Mom and Pop shops where they still know your name and small start-ups brimming with passion. Support people doing the type of job that you’d love to have.

Change starts with you – apply within.