More Reasons To Slow Down

More Reasons To Slow Down

Moving too fast will only add to your problems

Many of the problems you will face aren’t the result of bad luck, or events, or even other people. Mostly you cause them yourself, by imagining all sorts of things that haven’t happened, and responding to what you’ve imagined, not the reality. Slow down. Give yourself time to think. Stay objective and respond only to what is real.

Don’t jump to conclusions. Take some time to think about what is happening instead of assuming you know. Trying to second guess the future is futile. There is no way you know what other people will think or do and no way you can be certain how events will occur.

Try not to overemphasize things that are not important. If you react to every little setback as if it’s an earth shattering catastrophe, then when something really bad happens and you need help from others, they’ll probably not realize and treat it as just another of your “panics.” You don’t want to appear as someone who is scatterbrained and unreliable.

Keep your head and don’t get upset when others don’t seem to notice what you are doing, don’t show appreciation, or just seem to ignore you. They are just as likely to feel the same way as you do. Everyone has their own life to live and they are busy and involved and mostly they just aren’t interested in you at all. 

Remember that a lot of joy can come from experimenting, trying new things and learning by practice. Try not to expect perfection, it’s probably unattainable. If you are striving after the impossible, you’ll likely miss out on a lot of pleasure on the way and the opportunity to change direction and re-evaluate what you planned.

Try not to let your emotions get in the way. The way you feel isn’t a true sign of how things are. Your emotions too often reflect nothing more than the fact that you have a headache or you’ve had a bad hair day. If you feel bad, it doesn’t mean that the world is a bad place. A bad day is simply one where you probably need to take some time to rest and recuperate.

Don’t make your life miserable by deciding everything in advance and setting yourself strict rules that may not fit actual circumstances. You won’t be able to live up to them and will cause yourself a lot of frustration. You will also irritate other people who don’t want to live by the same “rules” as you do. Being flexible and accommodating will help you deal better with events as they happen as well as improving your relationships with others.

Your view of the world is reflected in your language. If you use negative and critical language then you will appear as a negative and critical person. Try not to use labels to define things. Take time to look anew at what’s going on around you and the people you spend time with. Be generous with your praise in appreciation of others.

Having a positive outlook will greatly enhance your enjoyment of life. Looking for trouble makes it certain you will always find it. Few things are either as good or bad as they first appear. The best way to judge situations correctly is to let a little time pass, before making up your mind.

Gaining success is wonderful, but don’t get too excited by it, nor too downcast by failure. Neither means that everything from thereon will turn out well or badly. Slow and steady is generally the way to get good results. You’ll have to struggle sometimes and occasional setbacks will occur; you’ll also have periods of great success. Both are natural; both are temporary.

When everything feels difficult, as it will sometimes, however much you try not to let it, the best way forward is to move on. Let go of all the negative thoughts because the longer you keep them the bigger they’ll appear. Move on to something which you can feel excited about and which will give you enjoyment and a sense of achievement.