Ideas for a Remarkable Life

A Short Collection of Remarkable Ideas

Ideas for a Remarkable Life

Be happy where you’re at and with what you’re doing. The temptation for remarkable people is to imagine that the future is better than now. The future is made up of a millions nows.

If you had 3 years to live, figure out exactly what you’d do with your life. Now, drop what you’re doing and go.

Challenge every rule, convention and norm. From my experience, people drift into the easiest way of doing things… not necessarily the best.

Ask yourself why we’re here. The fact that so many people are trying to live meaningful lives leads me to this remarkable conclusion: Life is meaningful. It’s no accident that we’re asking these questions.

Own nothing but the essentials. Stuff distracts us from truly living

The bravest thing you can do is let go. The baggage we hold on to ends up owning us somewhere along the way.

Linger at the dinner table. Surround yourself with close friends, good food, stories and savor every last minute. This is life.

Quit making excuses. The decision to be remarkable is a choice… it’s not a blessing that falls on certain people. If you know what you want, pursue it relentlessly.

If you’re not facing embarrassment, failure, difficulties or setbacks… you’re not taking bold risks. Without risk, life gets stale and you can’t change lives.

Do something so crazy, so insane, so unbelievable that you know for sure you’ll fail. You’re one step closer to remarkable.

Solutions for a Remarkable Business

Add value to someone’s life for a long period of time and ask for nothing in return. Do this repeatedly, without fail, for 1,000 people. This is how remarkable businesses are formed.

Focus on the 20% of actions that produce 80% of the results.  You can do this by rewarding your best customers with special treatment, free stuff and inside information. Ignore the critics… they waste your time and don’t spend a dime.

Forget traditional marketing, it’s a dinosaur. Instead, do something so remarkable that people want to tell their friends. How do you think YouTube videos go viral… one dorm room to another.

The best way to grow a business is to get on the radar of other remarkable people. Unfortunately, everyone knows this strategy. Be remarkably different by giving and giving and giving… until it hurts. Repeat until THEY notice YOU.

Choose work that excites you. This is the only strategy I know for sustainable success. If you don’t love it, you won’t wake up on Monday mornings eager to start work. Loving what you do is the only recipe for creating work that matters.

Advice for Remarkable Health

Find ways to relax and breathe every single day. It can be a long, slow walk or even yoga. The important thing is to release the weight and free yourself from a million tiny burdens.

Eat REAL food. Nature is packed with natural medicine to help you achieve maximum vitality. If you’re taste buds are addicted to corn syrup and salt… you may need to train yourself to enjoy real food.

Quit making exercise a chore, it should be so enjoyable you forget it’s actually good for you. Take lessons from kids: build stuff, rough house, play… be creative!

Tips for Remarkable Relationships

Honesty penetrates the deepest divides. When you tear down the walls that most people keep up, you’ll find yourself bare, naked, vulnerable and in one of the best conversations of your life.

Day in and day out, find ways to serve others. Your happiness is inextricably tied to the amount of yourself you give away.

Learn the elusive art of being present in the here and now. Turn of your cellphone, forget about tomorrow and engage all 5 senses at once.

Laughter is vital to a healthy relationship. If you don’t have it, you’re taking yourself far too seriously. Plus, laughter is a form of communications… it says “I like you, you should stick around.”

Break out of routines. Humans crave novelty and excitement even though their lizard brain tells them to play it safe. Try new things together and spark something exciting.

Respect people above all else. Just because you can get someone’s attention doesn’t mean you deserve it. Add value to other people’s lives and don’t expect anything in return. Friendship will take care of itself.