Why I Went Minimalist

Why I Went Minimalist

What is minimalism anyways? On the surface it’s about living with less stuff, less physical possessions in your life, but there’s a tremendous depth lingering just under those waters.

Making the decision to go minimalist is about so much more than physical, tangible things. It’s about making the decision to regain sanity in an out of control world, to stand up and announce to society, “No I won’t do things your way, I want out of your trap, your skewed perspective of what life is.”

It’s about reviewing your life and creating new priorities. It’s about rediscovering passion and hunger and contentment and calm and happiness and knowing what it means, at the end of the day, to have lived fully and fully lived.

I went minimalist because I needed a change. I felt crazy. Not mental institution crazy, but crazy in my heart and soul. I couldn’t see living my entire life working under someone else’s rules, scraping by, and finally, maybe, hopefully having something set aside to retire on.

I went minimalist because I needed to reconnect with people, community, friends, love. When my focus was on acquiring “things” and spending money on “things” I didn’t have anything left for other people.

I went minimalist because even though I live in one of the richest countries in the world, I know that there are millions of people living under abject poverty, and I couldn’t shut my eyes and buy that $80 sweater anymore knowing that whole communities, whole nations don’t have enough to eat.

I went minimalist because I was tired of letting other people’s marketing campaigns get in my head and make decisions for me. I wanted to reclaim the decision to think. I wanted to say no to big advertisers and big corporations and big people with big money.

I went minimalist because I wanted to say yes to a new way of living, a new way of sharing and connecting with others, a new way that had nothing to do with things or status symbols or what kind of car someone drives.

I went minimalist because I needed to feel alive again, feel the sun soaking into my skin, and know that not another day had passed where I walked around in a daze, going through the motions of routine.

I went minimalist because I wanted to face my fear of not having enough, the reason I felt so compelled to consume. Face it, embrace it, explore it and change it.

I went minimalist for my cat and my dog and my honey Patrick, because they wanted more love and less junk and they told me so every day.

And finally, I went minimalist because I knew, no matter what, it was going to shake me up, wake me up, so that I could walk out my front door in the morning with clear eyes and a wide awake mind ready to experience… everything.